Mistakes to Avoid in SEO of a Law Firm

by admin | September 7th, 20 | Law Firm SEO

Search Engine Optimization is important for every profession these days, and especially for the Law Industry, Healthcare Industry, Small Businesses, Real Estate Industry and many more. To build a digital presence and to reach your target audience, every Business should have a website and it should be optimized. It should also have all the essential features to make their website look perfect.  As only the perfect website with effective SEO Services can land on Google’s first page.

Search Engine Optimization is a vast process, which is distributed into 3 parts, i.e., On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that requires regular updates, and it’s always easier to Avoid Mistakes in SEO than to fix them,  so hire an SEO Expert for your legal website or for your Law Firm Website and make sure your SEO game is always on top.

SEO mistakes for any Law Firm Marketer are very common, so I decided to specially address the mistakes you should avoid in a Law Firm’s Website SEO Services

Law Firm’s SEO Mistakes that should be avoided are:

  1. Crawlers shouldn’t be going in on loops or chains, make sure you have a proper sequence of redirects.
  2. Your www domain should be configured correctly, for redirects and easy crawlability.
  3. Broken links can break your SEO rankings, both internal and external so Resolve them immediately.
  4. Internal and external links with no follow attributes.
  5. Internal links are good, that doesn’t mean you should overdo it.
  6. Errors are the worst, remove all 4xx and 5xx errors.
  7. Avoiding sitemap.xml files is not good for law firm website.
  8. All pages that are to be indexed should be in your sitemap.xml file in a proper format.
  9. Allow your sitemap.xml in robots.txt, to make sure your pages are properly indexed.
  10. There should be no format errors in both sitemap.xml and robots.txt.
  11. Never write thin or irrelevant content.
  12. Copied content makes your Website cause duplicate content penalty. 
  13. The law firm’s website should have a high text-to-HTML ratio, or it does not shows poor quality codes.
  14. Nobody remembers long URLs, which have underscores in them. Short URLs with keywords are more powerful.
  15. Don’t forget to write a meta description that properly describes your page. Never go for auto-generated ones.
  16. The title tag shouldn’t be long and meaningless, write something to the point and never skip title tags, or even duplicate it.
  17. Heading tags are important, that doesn’t mean you should use h1 for every heading. 1-2 are enough. Put multiple headings with different tags.
  18. Broken images are a big NO-NO! whether it be internal or external, and always put Alt attribute,
  19. Slow page speed and large Html page size will only take you down.
  20. Old technology is outdated, Stop using it.
  21. If your website isn’t mobile-optimized yet, than you’re doing it all wrong.

These are some law firm’s Website SEO mistakes, but there are various other SEO tips for a law firm  that you should follow to ensure that you land on Google’s first page, above your competitors. Optimized website and SEO  are 2 main components to build your digital presence. 

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