10 Best and Important Features that will make a Law Firm Website Look Perfect

by admin | September 7th, 20 | Legal Website Design & Marketing, Website Design

Websites have become an integral part of every business or profession. Most of the business crowd has shifted towards Online presence; therefore the experts provide Law Firm Website Development for the professional Lawyers and Law Firms.

There are millions of websites in this digital world, of a different type, nature and utilities. We will cover in this blog is Mandatory and Interactive Features of a Professional Legal Website. The major difference between a Law Firm Website and other websites is the professionalism and the expertise to be shown by a law website is way more different and tricky.

The Legal Website Features to be kept in mind while Lawyer Website Development is as follows:

Front Page Appearance:


The first impression is the last impression, this statement is perfect when it comes to Website Designing, a visitor only takes a few seconds to judge whether he will go for the service/products or not. The Expert Website Developer should know the importance of the first impression and try to make the best of its efforts for front page layout designing. Once your front page is perfect the visitors will stay and read further.

Service Provided

If a person is in need of a lawyer he or she must have some specific need to be fulfilled by the lawyers. Therefore it is very important to know what and how to portray the area of expertise of Professional Lawyer or Law Firms for converting prospects to clients. More clear about the area more better the Law Firm Website will be.

Description for Members

The website should contain bios of the team members of the Law firm or the individual Lawyers and Attorney’s Bios. The visitors should have to be aware about to whom they will be dealing. The bio should contain the following things

  • Name
  • Intro Photograph
  • Educational qualifications
  • Experience
  • Designation

All these things will help visitors to chose according to their need. Law Firm Websites should be more attractive & Interactive.

Clear and Quick Contact Method

The viewer in need will try to find the contact information about the lawyer as soon as they visits the website, therefore it is important to add contact method on the first visible screen of the web page. The more clear and quick users finds the contact information it will create more chances of getting the work from the client. The people still believe in contacting the businesses before booking any purchases.

Light and Fast

In a survey it was found that 80% viewers switch the other website, if it’s not loaded within 3 seconds. That shows how Website Speed Optimization is mandatory feature of Law Firm Website. To make a website load fast you must choose an expert Web Developer and SEO Expert who can professionally optimize website speed and make it load faster as possible.

Multi-Device Operable

87% of people use their smart phone for surfing the internet and hence a Responsive Website Design for Law Firm, Lawyer and Attorney website is important. Law Firm Website Design should be such that it runs well on multiple devices like Mobile, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops etc. with ease. The website will reach more and more people if it works well in many devices and operating systems.

Case Studies

This is unique feature and for law firm websites having a case study is very important. The users will check the previous cases and results from the case study so that they can be sure for hiring the best Lawyer and Attorney. Case study builds a level of trust in the client’s mind; and a Law Firm Website Development team should consider it as mandatory feature to add on website.

Blog Posts

A website without blogs will find it difficult to get traffic from the website, the variety of blogs help the website to get viewers from different backgrounds and needs. The blog helps a website to a source of information for the viewers and therefore the blogs are an inherent part of any website. A good blog can enhance the presence of the website on the digital world.

SEO Friendly

A law firm website should be SEO friendly, different techniques of Digital Marketing Services should have to be applicable on the website to boost up the search engine ranking of the website. It was found that 83% of the people click or visit the first website they see on a search engine, and a total of 98% of people only visit the top 10 websites. The number shows how important SEO Services is for the Lawyer Websites. The Lawyer Website Developer should be aware of the SEO Friendly Website Design Strategy and should developer the website accordingly.

Testimonials and Reviews

There are 88% of the people who think that online reviews and testimonials have equal impact as personal advice. This helps the viewers to be sure for their decision to go for the services of the lawyers. The lawyer website Developer should add a feature to show the testimonials from the customers on website.

In today’s competitive world, a unique website will provide you with a competitive advantage, but the Website Developers should consider the above tips to make it better and money-making. 65% of the people go for online reviews before buying a product or service; this makes it an easier task to gather the viewers and prospect customers online.

The website will not only help the business to gain customers but also allows them to collect data and analysis from that in the betterment of the business. Digital Website Development is Professional Website Development and Marketing Company possesses expertise in Legal Website Design and Legal Website SEO Services.