A-Z Key Features that a Great Law Firm Website Design should have!

by admin | January 5th, 21 | Legal Website Design & Marketing

Well, if I tell you that it just takes exactly the same thing to establish a textile industry as a cosmetic industry then, would you agree? Clearly, a big No would be your answer. Because you know that almost every business is different and so does its needs!

Then what about their websites, which literally serves as the window to any particular business? Do you think the same kind of website design can literally serve the purpose for just about any business out there? I guess, now you got the point!

When every single business is unique then it becomes imperative to first understand its key points in order to design a perfectly fitting website. For instance, if we are talking about a Law firm website, then one of the primary goals of such a website’s visitor is to find some kind of information or service over a legal issue. Further, they may be more likely looking to hire an attorney with a specific practice area, thus, the website for a law firm must be designed and developed accordingly.

We have already shared two article titled “Law Firm Marketing Strategy: 21 Tactics For 2021” and second is “Best and Important Features that will make a Law Firm Website Look Perfect it’s easy to help you understand the concept in detail.

Let’s have a look at the most imperative features of a Law Firm Website Design

Search Feature: When a visitor lands upon a law firm website then it’s quite clear that they are seeking some kind of information regarding a specific legal matter or an attorney dealing in the specific practice area. Therefore, a search tool becomes the foremost key element of a law firm website design. An easy to use search tool with criteria’s such as practice area of the lawyer and location would not only add immense value to the website but also would make it more interactive for the users.

Responsive Website Design: Responsive (Mobile Device Compatible) Website is very important as this makes it easy for the users to access website from any mobile device which really helps in increasing traffic on website and so the business Leads just in 1 click. Also, search Engines gives more importance to Responsive Website Design.

Practice Category Pages: Informative content pages on all Practice Area and linking Individual Lawyer or Attorney Bio and Background details is very important as it helps users to choose the best option.

Marketplace Feature: Lawyer or Attorney Profile with detail on their practice area, work, user review availability etc. is very important feature to add on any law firm website.

Appointment Booking: Online Consultation and appointment booking feature with calendar integration is equally important as it makes easy to schedule an appointment to discuss about the Case and get expert consultation.

Portfolio & Case Study: Work Portfolio and Case Study is the best way to show previous experience and every user believes in looking at the previous work and experience before choosing any Lawyer, Attorney or their services.

Client Testimonial: What your Previous Clients Says about your Services matters a lot to users who are planning for go for your services. Testimonials make users more confident in trusting the Law firm they are planning to choose for their case.

Call to Actions: Proper Call to Action which calls users to take an Action immediately is very important not only for Law Firm websites Design or Lawyer Website Design but also for all the websites on the Web.

Contact details: Once a visitor is done with searching for an attorney in the specified location, working in his/her required practice area then, the next thing to look out for is- how to get in touch. There are several ways to provide users with the information of getting in touch with your firm such as: placing a phone number in website’s header, providing the email address of every single attorney or by including a general inquiry form onto the website.

Content marketing: Maintaining a consistent and relevant Blog section onto the website can prove to be a useful law firm marketing tactic. This will not only provide visitors with the information they would highly value but, also would add authenticity and weight to the website by letting your visitors be updated about your knowledge in the field. Additionally good blog posts could also help your website rank high in search engine page results, which is an added perk in your favor.

Law firm SEO : Besides the right design and development of your law firm website SEO (search engine optimization) of your website is another thing to keep an eye on, as nothing really makes sense until and unless the site ranks high on search pages. Thus, implementing the right kind of SEO Services becomes mandatory for the online success of your law firm.

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Law firm Social Media Marketing: As a part of Social Media Marketing of your law firm, a web design company can add social media links of attorneys to their profile page onto the website to let the clients get in contact with them. Furthermore, creating social media pages and accounts for your firm can also help you get into the eyes of potential clients who may be in urgent need of an attorney.

So, If you are planning to start a Law Firm and get an appealing website for your business then you can choose best features suited for your business from the above list and can contact us. We will be happy to help you offering our Law Firm Website Design Services.

Even if you do already have a Law Firm website and want to upgrade it with more features and appealing design or want SEO Services and Digital Marketing Services to make your Business a Brand and generate quality traffic and leads then Digital Website Development is here to help you. Do not hesitate to Call us at (201) 815-4348 or Email us at info@digitalwebsitedevelopment.com.