Comprehensive Contractor Marketing Services to Boost Rankings & Revenue

After a formal setup of your business entity and with back-office processes in the right place, you need to set up a marketing plan for acquiring new and informed customers. About 97% of clients today are habitual in searching for local services from an online platform and 93% of such experiences start on search engines. Since the clients are getting more and more educated about the skills of the contractors in their locality and everyone gets judged based on their online presence, contractor marketing services are more crucial than ever.

One of the most important reasons that contractors require marketing is that it gives you insights into the business challenges your buyers are facing. When you get armed with such information, targeting the right messages and tapping into the right channels, in the right place, at the right time, becomes very easy.

Online marketing is a complicated field, with multiple opportunities and channels for catching potential customers. Because of this reason, the postulation of online marketing programs can be prodigious for modern contracting companies. Here is a complete guide to all kinds of online marketing campaigns for contractors, which will help you understand the need of the hour and, at the same time, make comparisons with other competitors in the market. 

Local Search Engine Optimization for Contractors

Local Search engine optimization (SEO) is a hand-crafted strategy for local ventures seeking to increase their visibility on search engines for reaching more customers and, obviously, earn more revenue.

Therefore, Local SEO as a part of a Contractor marketing agency improves your business’ listing in the online search results and makes sure whenever a potential client tries to reach a contractor, you appear in the top results.

We provide professional client-based Local SEO services for all the locations on the globe and you can always customize the campaign on your own.

Here are the most important Local SEO services for contractors that help them in strengthening their business practices and achieving the final revenue goals.

Optimizing Google My Business

Google My Business displays the key information of businesses whenever someone searches for specific companies near them. The top of the search results constitute making Google’s local SEO 3-pack, and if you want to appear in that list, then optimizing the Google My Business listing is very essential.

Building Local Citation

Local citations contain information related to your company’s website, name, phone number, and address. We run campaigns that help you in earning local listings on websites like Foursquare, Apple Maps, Bing, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and many more.

Targeting Keywords

For ranking in the top results of the search engines, you will have to target local keywords strategically by marketing them and incorporating them into your website content. We make sure that all the targeted keywords are covered in your content.

Reviews and Rating Management

Monitoring and responding to the online reviews on the official website or third-party sites like Yelp, Facebook, or Google My Business, is extremely pivotal. Customers should be given sufficient importance and their needs should be taken seriously because people always look at the reviews and ratings of your services before making the final selection.

Link Building

Another successful technique of ranking in the top results is earning backlinks from other successful businesses. Google ranks businesses based on the quality and number of backlinks, so it is very important to keep a strong profile with other businesses. Our SEO services for contractors include link building strategies that help you attain higher rankings.

Analyzing User Experience

Providing an appreciable user experience is very beneficial for attracting local traffic. Failing this can lead to a higher bounce rate which is very harmful to your business listings. We make sure that your website is optimal according to Google’s policy and the content flow is user-friendly.



How can a contractor SEO help your business?

Apart from the immediate benefit of higher ranking in the search results, there are many secondary advantages for running Local SEO campaigns. These can be understood as follows.

Significant Brand Awareness

Mostly it takes more than one search to choose the most appropriate contractor as per the requirements. When your company’s name starts appearing in all the multiple searches, people start remembering it. Now, from the next time, they will directly land on your website instead of looking for other providers, which is an indicator of increased brand awareness.

Inferior Marketing Costs

SEO services for contractors are comparatively cheaper than the traditional marketing methods because their shelf life is longer and the reach is vast. Your authority will keep on improving over time and the efforts will reap you required results.

Stronger Competitive advantages

Larger firms always have high budgets for their marketing campaigns and can, therefore, outperform you in every way in the traditional market. Now, with contractor marketing through SEO, will help you gain a higher number of clicks so that you can finally outshine your competitors, no matter how big they are.

Greater Revenue

Everyone wants a great ROI. Contractor SEO Services cannot assure you immediate results, but the long-term revenue from such operations is incomparable. It will help you earn more quote requests, more phone calls, and more opportunities for timely growth.

Digital Marketing and SEO Services for Contractors Websites

We have the most experienced and professional employees of the industry to deliver you timely and effective results so that it can translate into more leads and booked jobs for you.

Competitive Digital Analysis

We use the best proprietary data tracking software to prepare your business against the top three competitors in the search results of Google. Along with this, we will establish your baseline for content, off-site citations, website structure and code, and local visibility for building a successful sales-driven plan. This enables us to deliver contractor SEO services that exceed your expectations.

Optimizing Website content

We will aim at making your contractor website secure, fast, and mobile-friendly. This will be done by editing your website’s structure and code so that it can move in line with the best practices of SEO marketing for contractors. We will also perform conversion rate optimization on all the elements present on your website like buttons, forms, navigational links, etc.

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads

This is an incredible contractor advertising idea since it will allow reaching those users who have high chances of getting converted into actual leads. We will focus on the long-tail keywords for driving better traffic to your website. Once your ad is finally set up, your contractor digital marketing will start attracting valuable leads, along with boosting brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have helped millions of businesses to grow exponentially. This type of online marketing for contractors like you will drive people to appreciate your services and will provide them with sufficient information on how you are better than the other players in the market. We provide strong fact-delivery professionals to handle all your social media marketing activities.

Analytics reports

All your SEO campaigns and digital marketing responses will be measured and there will be transparent attribution of all the revenue in the form of understandable monthly reports so that you can easily evaluate what is going on and what more can be done. We will also cover the penalties, hacks, anomalies, or other sales-damaging events so that the picture can get more clear.

Tracking your entire campaign

Here we will monitor the organic traffic, calls, keywords, and backlinks of your digital marketing campaign and then compare it with the top-three competitors so that you can, soon, become the authority in the contractor industry. We track the entire campaign daily, weekly, and monthly to make sure that our contractor marketing services are reaping your desired results.


Our Customized Approach to Marketing for Contractor

All the tracking metrics used by our marketing team are delineated to deliver you the most valuable information that can be utilized not only for ascertaining the efficacy of your ongoing campaigns but also for making improvements in the overall strategy.

Our SEO services for contractors include jotting down all the information regarding how the adopted marketing strategies have worked for bringing organic traffic every month, and also elaborate on how much of such traffic is actually getting converted into leads.

When it comes to content, our highly qualified SEO specialists prepare customized content that:

  • Subsumes all your selected keywords properly
  • Has properly placed internal links of your website
  • Contains backlinks from other authoritative websites
  • Is accurately edited and reviewed for ensuring grammatical correctness.

Along with this, our contractor marketing services will also increase your local reach by optimizing your Google My Business Account, as mentioned above, and then your business profile will be claimed on other online directories as well. More than 80 percent of people write “near me” when they search for contractors and we guarantee to strengthen that game for you.


Let’s have a look at the recent work portfolio

Off-Site Optimization To Boost your Rankings and Visibility

There are a variety of activities involved in off-site optimization that requires execution on an accordant, but varying basis. Bing and Google like to see balanced efforts because it indicates that your company is diligent, serious, and competent. Companies that can withstand the time test get rewarded with greater visibility in their organic search.

 Here are the key components of our off-page SEO:

1. Keyword analysis and research

2. Off-site SEO strategy development according to your customized needs

3. Customized development of content strategy

4. Content marketing 

5. Link analysis, reclamation, and development

6. Lead tracking and then validating them  

7. Analytics and proper reporting

Since these activities require proficient and consistent attention, we have developed an extremely enlightened marketing for contractors plan for managing all your SEO campaigns. Our entire process aims at ensuring that all the necessary off-site work you require is done properly as well as efficiently. The steps are also highly transparent. We don’t want to hide the work we do and we appreciate it if you understand what we are doing, why we are doing so, and what all values our contractor digital marketing services are adding to your digital marketing campaign.

    Website Important Features

    Here are 5 Questions that you should ask your contractor marketing service provider:

    Contractor marketing services are critically essential because the lead generation landscape and the overall scope of marketing have shifted a lot. If your firm fails to mobilize during the exploration stage, you won’t be able to get the chance of converting these prospects to valuable customers. You need to be double sure that all your digital marketing channels along with the website are well-designed, user-friendly, and, at the same time, provide outstanding content which is both inspiring as well as credible.

    We offer contractor marketing services to our clients with our cohesive strategy. Instead of directly jumping into SEO or social media plans, we ask our clients what are their goals and what do they plan to achieve through SEO services for contractors. After taking all the details, we plan out a strategy, discuss it with the client and work on it.

    If you are marketing without measuring results, then you are throwing money down the drain.We measure results for every piece of marketing that we perform. We utilize various tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMRush to keep an eye on each of our marketing goals.

    Digital marketing services for your contractor business can help you attain good ranking on Google SERPs, more visibility when it comes to local results, customer engagement and lead generation through campaigns over social media and Google Ads. And, this will boost your revenue eventually.


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    Innovativeness is our business! We have faith in the intensity of intelligence and have expertise in Digital Technologies and Innovation.

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