The contemporary world seems to be very pathetic. CoronaVirus Outbreak has left no industry unaffected. Businesses are reconsidering their sales and marketing strategies to maintain their position in the market and so increasing Search Engine Ranking is very important.

Amidst all the havoc, there is a sense of interest that businesses are revealing, in SEO. Everyone is curious to know about SEO metrics.

While people are more inclined towards social distancing, marketers are trying to stabilize their organization growth. As a result, work from home is in trend, and it is going to impact search engine rankings significantly.

The reports of SEO analysis are uncertain. Every industry is responding differently. It’s time that you utilize this period to rejuvenate your SEO strategy and improve the search engine rankings.

In this post, we have listed – Five Ways to Improve your Site’s Ranking (SEO)

  1. Optimize your website for Essentials
  2. Focus on creating more content
  3. Leverage Local SEO rankings
  4. Share Noteworthy news
  5. Long Term Search Engine Optimization

1.Optimize your website for Essentials

eCommerce businesses are encountering some irregular trends. COVID-19 have shifted the demands of people to things that are helping them to fight. For example, people working from home are searching for office chairs or online tools to enhance their productivity. Hand sanitizers, Clorox wipes, etc. are selling more. It means there is a massive surge for essentials.

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eCommerce websites need to enhance their web pages for in-demand searches. Perform thorough keyword research and look for any errors in those pages. Make your site navigation easier for essential products (that are high in their demand). Ensure that your keyword strategy is in sync with the user intent.

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2.Focus on creating more content

Utilize your time in creating content that educates your audience. Concentrate on keywords and phrases that describe your brand clearly. Allow more people to connect and engage with your business. Create awareness among people how you are going to keep up with your efforts for the company. 

If your company offers products that can help to deal with the pandemic, curate content on those products and services. This way, you won’t lose contact with your people and allow search engines to remember you whenever a potential client is in need and also increase and maintain your search engine ranking.

People are practicing self-quarantine. Employees are working remotely. Help them to enhance their potency creating content about “Work from home Tips & Tools“.

3.Leverage Local SEO rankings

People are highly responsive to the pandemic when we talk about collecting essentials at their home. The present situation shows an increase in the “near me” searches. The users are now looking for nearby products that are essential for them.

For example, hand sanitizers, toilet papers, body washes, masks, non-perished foods, etc. Also, due to lockdown in various countries of the world, people don’t want to take the risk of going far from their house. At such times, tweaking your websites for local keywords and SEO is the key to high search engine ranking.

You can take advantage of Google My Business if you are contributing towards taking care of people from COVID-19. Update your work hours and description to help Google educate customers to know what is available for them and where.

4.Share Noteworthy News

A rise in search engine ranking can be expected with new releases also. People at home are curious to know about what is happening in the world. If you have something to share with your audience, that is noteworthy for them or the whole country, publish it right away. People who are sitting staring at their phones will undoubtedly look towards reading your post. When a considerable audience responds to it, your rankings will go up, if your content is relevant to the people.

5.Long Term Search Engine Optimization

While everyone is planning to survive their business in the quarantine period, you can look towards a long term SEO strategy. Try to focus on those aspects of SEO which you were not able to work on previously. You can curate an entirely new blog section for a fresh audience. Reach and connect with more and more people to build strong relationships. When everything would be back to normal, you don’t have to put extra effort in acquiring a new customer base.

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Audit your website for improvement. Perform a full-fledged website speed optimization process to make sure the SEO part is error-free. Check off-page and on-page SEO of your website. Look into what’s wrong and what can be improved. Invest time in ranking for position zero, paragraph snippets, video carousels, and much more that takes time.

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