How Magento 1 Is Different from Magento 2

by admin | September 7th, 20 | eCommerce Development, Magento Development, Website Development

Magento 2 launched in 2015, but there are still very few companies using Magento 2 as compared to Magento 1. As even after 4 years of development people faced issues, which made it hard for people to trust it. There are still so many questions about Magento 2, are the companies using it happy? Is it safe to switch? Is Magento 2 really what they are looking for. To answer all the queries here is a detailed comparison between both the versions of Magento.

Let’s have a detailed discussion on the basis of various Magento Features:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Performance
  3. Extensions
  4. Support
  5. Cost
  6. SEO & Security
  7. Tech


Magento 1 has a nice dashboard but sometimes it looks like it is stuffed too much. Whereas in Magento 2 it provides a lot more information in a more cleaner and simplified format, which makes it easier to understand and operate.


Performance is usually measured through different variables, whether it be loading time, error rates, user experience,  checkout time, catalog-product viewing and detailing, etc.

In performance, Magento 2 is way ahead of Magento 1 being a later version, the Magento developers really increased its performance over time. They made the standard loading time 2-3 seconds seem like way too long. Whether it be a product page or homepage or any page, it loads before 1.5 seconds. Which is actually fast.

They also decreased the checkout time, user’s can finish their checkout with or without being registered in far lesser time, as compared to Magento 1. Users can even register after checkout, in Magento 2. See Magento 2 is really great in performance, right?


Magento 1 started facing issues of conflict because of so many 3rd party extensions,  which cost money and time both. So, in Magento 2 they tried to provide with more cleaner codes, through which extension can overlap the core code. So, that they don’t override them and create disturbance in core code.

With the new technology like HTML5, CSS3, and Require.js, etc in Magento 2, it’s very easy to install as well as update extensions and it’s cheaper too. Saves both time and money.


Magento 1 support was supposed to end in 2018, but they extended it till 2020, which means they will be releasing last security patches for it, which can make your website vulnerable for viruses and uncertainties. That also means there will be no more innovation, new feature or any improvements in Magento 1.

While for Magento 2, it’s good news as the whole team would be focused on its development and support, and they launched new advanced features such as automating codes, PWA integration, page builder, etc. 


For the community version for Magento 1 & 2, you don’t have to pay anything, you can easily download the free versions.
And as for Enterprise versions you need an EE license that you have to buy.
For Magento 1, its starting cost is $ 18,000 yearly

And for Magento 2, its starting cost is $ 22,000 yearly

6.SEO & Security

With Magento 2 SEO feature you can make use of rich snippets on your catalog pages, which will improve your listing look on search engines. Also, you can use to improve your SEO, which is now available in Magento 2.

They have introduced strengthened hashing algorithms (SHA-256) for passwords, to make your passwords stronger for dictionary type of attacks.


  1. In Magento 1 API was added retroactively whereas in Magento 2 API is core technology.
  2.  There was flexible architecture in Magento 1, now they installed new architecture for speed.
  3. Magento 1 has legacy PHP, and Magento 2 has PHP 5.6+/7.0 which is superior to legacy PHP.
  4. There was no support for HTML5/CSS3. So, in Magento 2 native support for HTML/CSS3 is given in Magento 2.
  5. As Magento 1 has weak content staging, Magento developers brought advanced content staging in Magento 2.
  6. Now they have an in-site pay-pal experience for your customers, they don’t have to go to external Paypal like Magento 1.


If you’re still using Magento 1, I will suggest to slowly start considering Magento 2, as when it’s support will end, there can be uncertainties which might not work for your website. And after considering the points above, Magento 2 is somewhat better than Magento 1. So, it would only make your website and business better and you can give it a try. 

If you’re still not convinced, ask a Magento Developer to help you out, as doing it on your own might not be your greatest idea. Contact us, we are expert in E-commerce websites, as well as Magento Development.