8 Practical SEO Tips for the Real Estate Websites

by admin | September 10th, 20 | Real Estate Website Design & Marketing, SEO & Digital Marketing, SEO & Marketing Tips

The real estate business is considered a big business genre that has a large number of competitors to deal with. Moreover, this industry is way more competitive in both offline as well as online platforms. Finding a client online is always the top priority for every real estate website. The business process of real estate companies makes it easy for attaining clients on a high count. Still, for that, you need to have at least an optimized website to make your business appealing, amongst others, in the competition.

The growth of digital technology is increasing on a large scale as around 86% of the people who buy homes prefer taking a glance at the real estate websites rather than visiting the physical outlet. So, optimizing the website is the key aspect of making the clients and customers looking for real estate properties visit your website on priority.

This article is all about helping you come up with some of the best tips meant for optimizing the Real Estate website SEO.

Tips for implementing effective SEO on Real Estate Website

Here are some of the tips that you need to emphasize while optimizing your real estate website SEO:

1. Implement Mobile-Friendly Measures

As per the true statistics are concerned, around 72% of the people seeking homes make use of tablets or smartphones to do their research over the internet for the best real estate sites. Thus, you can use this statistic and implement new measures to bring maximum clients to your website. Make the website friendly for mobile phones with a completely optimized interface. Keep the options and tabs synchronized so that they will be easy to find.

Moreover, most people usually prefer looking at their home needs while they are on the go. So, being a real estate business owner, it is your job to look at whether all the contents such as images, videos, and others are optimized for mobile devices or not. Another thing that you need to take care of is the website’s loading speed on mobile phones. 53% of all mobile users prefer not to view the sites that take more than 3 seconds of time for loading.

2.Invest in Content Marketing

Paid advertisements are beneficial, but around 70% of the home buyers learn about real estate agencies and agents through the intuitive contents present in the site. Moreover, with the inclusion of blogs on your website, the search engine ranking probability increases to a great scale. Make sure that you invest in infusing blogs onto your website and promote it through email marketing or on social media.

Some of the blogs that are based on your business genre and are common thoughts of most of the home buyers must be preferred over any random topics. For instance, you can try adding a blog mentioning the ‘Process of buying homes through real estate agencies’ and others.

3.Implement VR for property tours

Today, people want to gain maximum knowledge about the property or the house before they plan on making a personal visit. With the use of VR technology, the websites can be implemented to give the clients a chance to tour the selected house virtually. This will eventually help the clients and customers know more about the property perks. Moreover, the presentation quotient doubles up with the inclusion of the VR aspect on the website. As a result of which a greater number of customers will prefer your services over your competitors.

With the latest technology boom, the real estate websites are now set to thrive as the current situations around the world are not favorable for moving out. So, in this case, a virtual tour becomes quite more feasible to help clients and customers.

4.Implement a Thorough Keyword Research

Most of the strategies for your real estate website SEO revolve around the keyword research practices. Keyword research assists you in analyzing the thought process of the home buyers in the city where you are running your business. You need to get an idea about the common search terms that you need to infuse in your website to make it rank up the order whenever someone searches for it. Moreover, you need to emphasize not only the obvious keyword selections but also the local ones. You might need to run research for identifying the local keywords or common search terms to help optimize your website more efficiently.

The infusion of keywords is basically done on two types, broad keywords and long-tail keywords. The broad keywords are meant for your website’s main pages that will convey the exact information that the client or customer is looking for. The long-tail keywords are implemented around the contents that you add to your website. These keywords consist of a greater number of words and give brief answers to the questions related to the client’s requirement.

5.On-Site Optimization for the Real Estate Website

Primary and Secondary keywords must be present on every web page of your website for healthy optimization. Keep the primary word selection unique as it needs to be different in all the pages of your website. Make sure you are infusing the right keywords into page titles, headings, subheadings, images, alt tags, meta descriptions, etc. Moreover, you can also add hyperlinks to the primary keywords to link back to the corresponding pages to help direct the clients towards their required information.

But while you do this for your real estate website marketing, you need to make sure that you do not overstuff the contents over the pages with keywords. It is so because a large number of keywords will eventually make it difficult for visitors to understand the information that is being conveyed. But, in the Process, you must not omit any relevant keyword that is meant to be infused in the page. Just keep it in mind to infuse them naturally wherever necessary.

6.Let the Website Address the Problems of Home Buyers

Keep most of your core service options right on the home page to help the clients and customers reach out to their preferred service page in just one click over the site. This aspect is ignored by most of the real estate business owners. But this is quite effective when it comes to implementing progressive output for the business. With an optimized website and one-click access to designated services, the real estate site’s performance will be considerably high over time.

Some of the options that you can put up on your home page or landing page are ‘Buy a Home’, ‘Rent a Home’, Sell a Home’ and other such preferable or priority topics. These are some of the common points for which you need to offer adequate considerations to help the clients and customers.

7.Work on Attaining positive Reviews

Google does consider reviews for your real estate business around the web. It is one of the essential ranking factors that the SEO professionals consider for altering the website attributes. The reviews for your business on different sites around the web define the positive exposure of your business. Try to refine your services to attain 5-star ratings from the clients and customers that will impact your ranking order in the SERPs.

Moreover, the next time you offer services to clients, do not hesitate to ask them for a review and rating when you find them happy and satisfied with your services. Add a link to the final email signature that you would forward to the client requesting a review from their end. In addition to that, you can also make a follow-up to give the clients a gentle reminder to spare a few minutes to leave a review for your services.

8. Add Quality Videos and Images

Ensure the images or videos you add to your real estate website marketing measures are crystal clear with all the highlighting details. The written information can only convey the theoretical aspects of the property, such as area and rooms. But the visual experience is quite different. Along with the VR tour feature over the website, the inclusion of videos and images is also one of the important aspects of ensuring better traction from the clients. These visual elements are also an effective part of SEO implementation to make the website rank higher in the order.


These are a few of the effective tips that you must consider when you are planning on giving a gradual hike to your real estate business website. With a huge competition arena, the real estate business owners need to implement a little more effort to stand out in the crowd to make their business boom with a larger and genuine client base. By implementing these SEO tips, you will most likely make your website rank higher in the search engines to make more customers find your website over others for their need to hire a real estate agent.