10 Essential Features that should be in Real Estate Website Design

by admin | September 7th, 20 | Real Estate Website Design & Marketing, Website Design

Basics features Of real estate website

Are you planning to switch to the online platforms to stay connected with clients for your Real Estate Business? At the present time, most of the business owners are switching to the online platforms and they are availing lots of additional benefits as compared to the offline market. If you have planned to go for the online real estate market, you will need real estate website for your real estate business. If you want to get success in your real estate business with a website, you will need to focus on Real Estate Website Features on priority.

Here are 10 Best and Mandatory Real Estate Website Features for user friendly, search engine friendly and response website.

  1. Custom property display
  2. Option for property search
  3. Custom categories
  4. Professional content and photos
  5. Area map and directions
  6. Optimized design for mobiles
  7. Blog of your company
  8. Option to contact owner
  9. Floor plans and amenities
  10. Add favorites and share

1. Custom Property Display

If you are going to list available properties on your website, you will need to focus on the Property display design of website. There will be lots of options to display your properties on the website homepage. It is very important to choose the display layout carefully so that you can impress the visitors of your website with it and they can get the desired information about the properties without any kind of confusion.

2. Option for Property Search

It is a very important feature that you should consider on your real estate website. No one likes to see the random options of properties on the listing page. Most of the users will have specific requirements for it. You will need to add the option for property search so that they can find out the desired results without any kind of inconvenience. They may search for properties for sale as well as rental properties in residential or commercial categories so make sure to add the search option for it.

3. Custom Categories

Filtering the available results can save lots of time for the website users. It is important that you can add an option for the custom categories on the homepage or property listing page of your website. With this option, the website visitors will be able to customize the results with filtering as per their requirements. You can add the options to filter the results according to the location, type of property, pricing and more.

4.Professional Content and Photos

On your real estate website, it is essential to focus on content and photos. If you want to know about the best Real Estate Website Design, you should add professionally captured photos of the properties to it. Impressive and professional photos can really impress the customers to buy the listed property on your website. You should also focus on the size and font of the text to match the professionalism of the photos. It will be better to get the services of a professional photographer as well as content writer for the content and photos on your website.

5. Area Map and Directions

When someone is going to search property on your website, they should have an exact idea about the location. If they are interested in any property, they should get directions for the exact location on your website. Make sure to add the features light area map and directions on your real estate website because the users will find it very helpful and beneficial to visit the property.

6.Optimized Design for Mobiles

At the present time, most of the people like to use their smartphones and tablets to search for the properties at real estate websites. When you are going to get to real estate website design services, make sure to go for Responsive Website Design. It should be responsive in design so that mobile users can get the same kind of experience as computer users. Make sure to optimize your website for mobile users to impress most of the web users.

7. Blog Integration

On your real estate website, you should add blog feature for the visitors. Blog will be the perfect way for communication with your customers. When you are going to write a blog for your real estate website, make sure that it can provide useful information in an interesting way for the visitors of your website. You can educate the customers about the latest trends of the industry and you can provide other information about tips for selecting the property or buying any home.

8.Option to Contact Owner

When you want to know about the best real estate website features, make sure to add the option to contact the owner of the property. If any visitor wants to contact the owner of the property should get the information about the contact details directly on your website. It will be very helpful for the customer who wants to buy the property.

9.Floor Plans and Amenities

If you want to provide information about the properties to the visitors of your website, always make sure to provide images of the floor plan as well as the complete details of the amenities. Any visitor always wants to get complete information about the available property before visiting there. They should get all such kind of information about the complete floor plan and all the amenities and facilities on your website.

10. Add Favorites and Share

When you are going to list properties on your real estate website, always make sure to add the feature of add favorites and sharing. If any website visitor is interested in any specific property, they should that option to mark it in their favorite list. They may also want to share it with any other person. Therefore, you should add the option to share the available properties with complete information.

These are some of the essential Real Estate Website Design Features that you should definitely add when you are going to design a real estate website. With all these features, where users will get a better experience of visiting your website to get the required information. They will definitely like to visit your website repeatedly to get such kind of information and it will be very beneficial for the success of your website as well as your real estate business.