Medical and Healthcare Website Design Features & Tips

by admin | September 7th, 20 | Medical Healthcare Website Design & Marketing, WordPress Website Development

Medical Healthcare Website Design Features are very important and should be included very accurately and precisely by any Web designer and professional Web Developer. As the website is going to be an informative source for your former patients as well for your new clients, so it should contain precise and accurate information.

Below are some important supplements are given which will show the importance of a website for a Medical Healthcare Professional as well as for the hospital organization itself.

The Medical and Healthcare Website Design Features that should be covered in any Medical healthcare websites are-

  1. User-Friendly & Responsive Design
  2. Accurate Contact and Location Information
  3. Healthcare Products and Services Listing 
  4. Doctor and Staff Directory
  5. Online Consultation and booking feature 
  6. Clear Calls-to-action on a website
  7. Resources for Current & Prospective Patients 
  8. Case Studies / Before & After
  9. A Secure Web Presence
  10. SEO Friendly Design
  11. Search Feature for easy navigate
  12. Online presence through social media integration
  13. Updates to clients through Blog Integration

1. User-Friendly & Responsive Design

A responsive website is a layout to offer an optimized browsing experience which is based on the device being used, especially ideal for mobile viewing. If we have proposed a Responsive Website Design then it will look great and work well on a desktop, a tablet, and a mobile phone’s browser. Reasons for making the user-friendly responsive design are-

  • Optimized view with portable devices.
  • The mobile-friendly site will be easy for text reading not required to zoom and shrink.
  • Adequate space for tap targets and no horizontal scrolling required.
  • Help in SEO ranking, lower maintenance required, more traffic and lower bounce rate, which leads to a higher conversion rate.

2. Accurate Contact and Location Information 

below given points describing this feature requirement in a website-

  •  For getting your business on every listing directory, social site, search engine and ensuring your business information is updating and keeping it updated.
  • If any hospital organization wants to make medical healthcare website a brand with an effective web presence, then their website should build trust with the audience. And for that, it should have correct contact & location information which is a very important factor to build trust.

If any visitor will go through the website and not having well-structured contact details for specialized field specialists, then the website will not be worthy. Here Google My Business, feature will advertise services locally and will aware more people who will likely to utilize organization services.

3. Healthcare Products and Services Listing 

Instead of visiting directly to the hospital, many users do R&D about the hospital products offering and specialized services. There are numerous diseases and lacs of medical treatments available for it, and the website should enroll each of this. As with this information’s, if someone proceeds with Medical Website SEO service then it will be like butter on bread. Here are some examples you can highlight-

  • Cardiac Surgery & Heart Transplants
  • Center for Neurosciences
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Center for Gastroenterology
  • Nephrology Sciences
  • Laparoscopic & General Surgery
  • Center for Transplant
  • Gynecology & Obstetrics

4. Doctor and Staff Directory 

when surfing through the website for any particular specialized department of the hospital and the top specialist of that particular segment, then the website should necessarily cover full profile of doctor with contact details and online appointment booking feature and staff member’s details should also be there. The full information source of doctor and staff directory will help in Healthcare Website SEO with features available in his profile like-

  • Doctors name with specialization details.
  • Technologies they used to cure disease.
  • Let us know about the head of the doctor’s team.
  • Expertise, experience, achievements, services offered, and special cases in hand he has taken.

5. Online Consultation and booking feature 

in this online world, we use to be specific for any work and try to figure out the solution of any problem online. The smart and efficient medical healthcare website should have online consultation and booking feature for ease, simplicity and smooth job of a doctor.

The online appointment booking will go through the nominal questionnaires to be asked and having both the facilities with the book an appointment and book a test or can be regular health checkups. The online consultation will help the user to understand the problem with experts over there and to do pre-exercise before any decision under consideration.

6. Clear Calls-to-action on a website 

there can be several calls to action on web pages of the website that will somehow adduce your website with improved services of Healthcare and Medial SEO Tips.

  • The appointment booking,
  • Book a test online,
  • Doctor Profile opened up with appointment booking is an add-on to call to action.
  • Find a specialist with city preferences is also the call to action because all the detailing with doctor’s specialization and contact information are there.
  • This will enhance the interest and searching ability of the user and will help in Google ranking.

7. Resources for Current & Prospective Patients 

resources always help for better objective achievement with fewer efforts and great time-saving. Numerous reasons mentioned below which will show the importance of resources for Current & Prospective Patients.

  • If Medical healthcare website having a directory or ready content for an already engaged client with organization, then it will be a time-saving effort for both the parties, the doctor and the patient.
  • It will reduce hassle as there will be no need to take prescriptions, test records, X-rays all the time.
  • The former patient will make new prospects for the organization if impressed by the resources you allocate them.

8. Case Studies / Before & After 

case studies play an important role in management; here it is good to incorporate this idea in local SEO Services for a medical website. Here the close watch can be possible through the website to the doctor’s specialization and achievement of a doctor in those specialized cases which are critical and solved by him.

The dermatologist, dentist, surgeon of organizations can inherit the case studies on the official website for more engagement of clients online, for better client conversion ratio through website information, client engagement and to see the success of your specialized team and its members that how they have worked and got succeeded in it.

9. A Secure Web Presence 

all business websites and organizations, if want their website to be optimized with search engine performance then it should be SSL secured. Why a secure web presence required?

  • To maintain credibility with visitors, then it should be SSL secured.
  • If conducting E-commerce transaction then secure web presence for the payment process.
  • Collecting sensitive information about medical or banking data than any browser will explicitly identify that site as “Unsecure” which do not use HTTPS.

10. SEO Friendly Design 

A beautifully designed website is not enough until and unless it is not SEO friendly design as it will affect person engagement. Through that, he will be able to reach your website through the search engine and the trickles in website trafficking and ranking will be reduced with best SEO practice if you adopt in medical healthcare website design and development.

The SEO friendly website, is there to drag traffic on health care website by numerous call to actions feature best SEO practices with Organic SEO and also the search engine optimization is the way to generate organic traffic for your website more patients will go online if website will be having rich content and responsiveness, so that Google crawler can index your website in top ranking.

Below is the supplementary quotient where this SEO friendly content and keyword usage affects the website– 

  • heading, title tag
  • meta descriptions
  • navigation
  • Connecting pages & their links, internal links, etc.

11. Search Feature for easy navigate

In the medical profession there are a lot of doctors or physician for a single disease and its cure. If on the website we provide navigation, so the user can deliberately move on, one to one with a doctor’s profile and can directly call him. Or if he wants to navigate on the department of the hospital and specialized cases, he wants to see then it all will become smooth with search feature only. In any type of website search feature is just look like a small box with less use, but whenever you do some search, you get a similar result like the keyword you specified. There are several reasons why we use search –

  • Easy navigation because you can find content on health care website by specifying keywords for the doctor or medical treatment that medical organization of your area offers.
  • If the website having quality content, website structure is advanced having a significant amount of content, then finding relevant and required information get possible through the site search feature.

12. Online presence through social media integration

the importance of social media integration is unforgettable in the medical profession, in artistry profession or in business too. The social media integration will help your website to connect it globally not restricted to the local area only. With social media integration, there will be an effortless reach of patients to doctor at any time and without money spent.

The patient will find the doctor on social media and can share his queries and health issues there too. So that there will be no problem of spreading of disease for public entertainment. There are reasons for their importance on a website with Healthcare and Medial SEO Tips.

  • In this new age, social media integration is a powerful tool for developing your presence and brand. Combining your website of business with various social networking sites gives you the ability to connect with your clients directly.
  • If there’s an issue with any client which can’t be discussed openly then, you’ll be able to fix problems personally and as quickly as possible. 

13. Updates to clients through Blog Integration 

to familiarize your targeted audience means your patients with your new achievements in your medical profession and to acknowledge them about new package for health checkups and health plan medical informations. One should have blog practice on his website. The Medical Website Development should include blog integration and this blogging panel should cover each doctor’s thoughts and discoveries.

Below are some features that an interesting blog can cover-

  • Sharing and relay pieces of information about the latest medical discoveries.
  • Introduction to anything related to a person’s general health.
  • Health check-ups packages.
  • Combo package for Diabetes, Blood pressure and thyroid tests.
  • To know them about the event is going to happen in a hospital.
  • Like event for an eye check-up, eye test, knee replacement operations camp for free.
  • Camp for cataracts operations for free.