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Building an E-commerce website is a huge process and very crucial for any business that wants to sell their products or services online. You can easily build an e-commerce website on open source software like Shopify and Opencart, they are amazing, no doubt!
But, do you want to build your website on your own server? Then what are you waiting for? Magento is the answer. And I will tell you why!

 Let’s see Magento Features, which will help you decide.

  1. Catalog Management
  2. Advertising & Management
  3. SEO Centered
  4. Mobile-Optimized
  5. Order Management
  6. Site Management
  7. Checkout, Shipping & Payment
  8. Customer Accounts
  9. Customer Service 
  10. International Support
  11. Tracking, Analytics & Reporting
  12. Product Browsing
  13. Tracking Administrator Actions
  14. Backup And Rollback

1.Catalog Management

A catalog is important to showcase your products and services, and with Magento it can be easily managed and customized according to your ideas. You can easily moderate prices, segment it, download products, etc. Magento catalog management offers you :

  • Simple, bundled and grouped products 
  • Create different prices, according to wholesalers & retailers
  • Downloadable products such as music, videos, etc
  • Product attributes
  • Quick product creation
  • Inventory management (back-ordered, min-max quantities)
  • Automatic watermarking, resizing
  • Search result rewrites as well as redirects.
  • Customer sorting
  • Personalized products, for uploading images or text.

2. Advertising & Marketing

Magento is not only about website cataloging, orders or management. It pays attention to your marketing, advertising and making sure your e-commerce website is promoted well. How?

  • Catalog promotional pricing that can restrict stores, categories or products 
  • Flexible coupons
  • Related products, up-sells and cross-sells
  • Unique coupon codes, which can be easily managed and monitored with detailed reports.
  • Minimum advertising price
  • Quantity discounts can be managed by multi-tier pricing
  • Landing pages for different categories
  • Free shipping
  • Newsletters
  • Recently viewed and comparisons available
  • Product & customer groups
  • New products promotional tool
  • Shopping cart consistency
  • Shareable wish lists and products


Magento is 100% SEO friendly, which makes your work easier. It helps you rank higher than your competitors with total ease. This is one of the best Magento development features.
It helps you get SEO friendly URLs, URLs rewrites, auto-generated site maps and use popular search terms or keywords for pages. 

It also provides Meat descriptions, Titles, etc. and Google site map and Google content API also.

So, you are far ahead in your SEO game with Magento SEO feature for your E-commerce website.

4. Mobile-Optimized

 You don’t have to optimize your website for mobiles anymore, Magento does it for you. Which additional features such as customizable drag down buttons and various other customizable features. You have the luxury to design your website according to you.

  • Mobile HTML5 (pre-integrated) which works with the iPhone. Android and opera browsers.
  • User-friendly display
  • Zoom in-out, pinch, multi-touch, resizing capabilities
  • Cross-Sell, Up-Sell
  • Media capabilities for various devices
  • Clear product detailing display
  • Drag Drop feature for shopping cart

5.Order Management

With Magento, you can easily manage your orders, whether it be to view, edit, invoice, notification or shipping labels, support configuration, etc

  • View, edit, create and fulfill orders
  • Can generate multiple invoices, memos, etc per order
  • Full call center control for administration. Allowing all action on call too.
  • Easy to Manage coupons or products through admin panel
  • Customizable order status and tracking, to provide the best experience
  • RSS feed for orders
  • Notifications for orders
  • Re-order capabilities for admin panel

 6.Site Management

 Did you know that Magento Development allows you to control multiple websites, stores through the admin panel? It has 100% customizable templates that support multiple languages and currencies, which helps you go global, with minimal efforts. It also provides tax rates according to locations, CAPTCHA for spam logins and CMS for informational pages, landing pages.

In other words, it makes your life simpler and lets you easily manage your site without any interference.

7.Checkout, Shipping & Payments

 Whenever shopping I am mainly concerned about shipping and payments, whether it will be shipped in a good state, on time or not! Is my online payment secure or not.
Sometimes, you lose customers because of these issues, that’s why Magento offers useful features such as

  • Easy checkout
  • Multiple address shipping in one order
  • Account creation option at checkout
  • SSL security for full protection
  • Gift messages
  • Saving items in shopping cart with tax and shipping charges for transparency
  • Integrated with multiple payments options
  • Payment extension available with Magento connect

8.Customer Accounts

User like those websites which customize recommendations and maintain their accounts, it provides them with a better experience. Magento helps create account dashboards to easily manage orders and preferences, in which unlimited addresses cab be added with default address. Comments on wish lists are easy, and can also view order status, history, re-orders, recently viewed items, etc.

To help decide better it provides customers with product reviews, tags and for you, easy to manage newsletter subscriptions and downloadable products.

9. Customer Service 

Nothing matters more than great customer service. To ensure that your customers get a good service, Magento provides you with Contact us form, easy to edit and create orders through admin panel, password reset emails, Customizable emails, rich customer account feature, and also order status, history, tracking from accounts.

10.International Support

 Why go only national? When you can go international with little effort. Take care of your international audience with Magento, 

  • Multilingual feature with currencies and tax rates
  • Supports WEEE/DEEE in EU
  • Supports regional characters with right to left text
  • European Union VAT-ID validation facilities

11.Analytics & Reporting

No business can work without knowing the results. Analytics and reports are the most integral part of Magento Development, as it is integrated with Google Analytics. Which provides the admin dashboard for a complete overview of reports. So, you can get sales, tax, tags, low stock reports, you also get detailed reports for best purchases, best products, no action shopping cart, reviews, coupons etc 

12.Product Browsing

To ensure good User experience for your customers as well as Magento’s they make product browsing so flawless and detailed, that your audience can have full transparency.

  • Multiple images of products
  • Zoom in-out, pinch, etc
  • Multi-tier pricing
  • Related and recently viewed options
  • Grouping products
  • Availability of stock  
  • Sharing through email and social media

13.Tracking Administrator Actions

You can easily track the actions done by administrators, which helps you review as well edit all the actions taken. There are logs for every admin user in Magento development so that you can review the actions with time and other information.

14.Backup And Rollback

Whenever you are updating your website or making any changes, or testing new customizations, you can easily schedule a variety of backups to ensure you don’t lose any content, or database while doing any changes. In fact, if you want to go back and reverse any changes, it can be easily done with backup and rollback options. 

There are mainly three types of backups:

  • Database backup
  • System backup
  • Database and media backup

All these features will make an outstanding e-commerce website for your company, If you don’t mind doing some effort, your website can go from 4 to 10, on a scale of 1 to 10. Many developers offer Magento development services these days, whether it be Magento or Magento 2 development, If you’re confused about which done to choose here is a comparison available between both the version, have a look!

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