Brandon Ruddy


Project Discription Brandon has a successful record in guiding local and multi-national clients in their residential real estate transactions. Growing up in Orange County, Brandon attended San Diego State University and played baseball for them. Always a team player, Brandon was a mortgage loan officer and has worked on over 300 real estate transactions, [...]

Job View


Project Discription We developed this web application to helps applicants find jobs and aids employers in their quest to locate ideal candidates. This is a job portal or career portal that joins recruiters and the job seekers to complete their goals and requirements. Using this application recruiters can post their requirements and find [...]

Nasal Guard


Project Discription is an eCommerce website built in shopify using jumpstart theme. Through the website one can Buy NusalGuard invisible air filter Gel which is a healthcare Product for healthier Breathing with easy and Secure Payment System. The Website is Responsive Mobile Device Compatible and Cross Browser Compatible. Tag : CSS, [...]