PHP or the Hypertext preprocessor, one of the best PHP Frameworks available has been by the Web Developers across the countries!

Laravel PHP Framework  is also one of a kind PHP framework that helps with web development with its expressive and elegant syntax. But with Laravel’s approach of easing tasks like caching, authentication, routing and sessions, it is no more a daunting process anymore!

This article is focused to help the Web developers understand and know why we have been promoting Laravel Development to this extent.

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Let’s dig into what are the various features that make Laravel PHP Framework the best!

With so many options of frameworks, Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii 2, Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend, Slim, etc. the task of deciding on to pick the one finest one no doubt becomes difficult. With these options revolving around the survey and studies have proven Laravel as the best PHP framework and here are the reason below for the same!

After the release of version 3, Laravel Web Development gained more popularity; this is because of the next-generation features introduced like Support for the Database system, Command Line Interface called Artisan and migrations. A packaging system called bundles is also included in this system.

Thus, on the whole, this new Laravel Framework is not only a third-generation Framework but also works best with many of the new features as desired by the upcoming generation!

  1. Approaches are impressive: Both MVC and Object-oriented!
  2. A secured Authorization and Authentication provision
  3. Laravel Web Development : A Multiple File System
  4. Packaging System
  5. Artisan Console
  6. ORM with the best Eloquence!
  7. Templating Engine
  8. Task Scheduling
  9. Events and Broadcasting
  10. Testing

1.Approaches are impressive: Both MVC and Object-oriented!

With the beautiful syntax view, Laravel has been doing well as an Object-oriented supported framework. The quality that helped Laravel to be categorized as the best framework is its foremost tendency to be followed as a Model, View and an Architectural based pattern.

2.A secured Authorization and Authentication provision

Laravel comes with a well-developed and inbuilt authorization and authentication program. This system helps in providing Laravel with an Out of the Box security system. With simple artisan commands, it is possible to authorize and authenticate the complete built system.

3.Laravel Web Development : A Multiple File System

Laravel PHP Framework is supported with amazing built-in storage support. These cloud storage systems are namely Rack space Cloud Storage and Amazon S3 apart from the local storage. With the same API, it becomes flawless to keep switching between the storage options and hence one can easily switch and serve between different files. This thus enables one to work as in the distributed environment.

4.Packaging System

A web system is supported by the help of multiple supported libraries or packages to automate the process. A composer is used as a dependency manager that has all the information built within; this is the one that manages all the information necessary to manage the packages.  The package helps in obtaining the one functionality that we need to have from a box of varied operations. Some of the best Laravel packages are Image, Laravel Debug bar and Laravel IDE helper.

5.Artisan Console

 Laravel Framework command-line interface called artisan helps in managing database migrations, publishing package assets, models, seeding and generating boilerplate code for new controllers and migrations. Making the developer free from any kind of skeleton source code creation and simply giving the power to launch the new functionalities or the capabilities of Artisan by implementing the new custom commands!

6.ORM with the best Eloquence!

People can utilize Laravel’s built-in ORM implementation. The best Object-relational Mapper, as compared to some of the other frameworks helps in interacting well with the database objects and database relationships using expressive syntax!

7.Templating Engine

Laravel engine’s template engine known as Blade template Engine combines one or more data model this helps in producing views. This feature called blades also conducts a set of its control structures such as conditional loops and statements. These are internally mapped to their PHP counterparts.

8.Task Scheduling

This is one of the best and most appreciated features introduced in Laravel 5.0. This helps in making the automatic scheduling of the periodically repeated tasks. If one gets into the detailed insight, then this scheduler depending upon the cron daemon runs a single artisan job that in turn executes the set of configured jobs. This action helps in providing, sense of self-control on the Laravel Web Application.

9.Events and Broadcasting

The real-time data and upcasing the live feeds have been made enable by the use of Laravel. This is one of the reason while in modern time, the processing of the live feeds and stories are been made possible. Such kind of broadcasting helps in sharing some of the desired or all events simultaneously at the server-side and the client-side. This not only helps in sharing the same event name but also helps in pulling the same time data also.


Testing is made easy with Laravel as it provides a testing unit. This helps in keeping the test contained within, detecting, informing and mentioning about the regressions! Not only is this but now testing made possible even with the help of command-line utility provided with the help of Artisan Console.

Thus with so much of information wrapped in one page, we are sure you would have been able to distinguish and understand, why majority of the web personals are after the task of learning  Laravel Development: a step towards unleashing the brighter future with their investment brought in the right direction.

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